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Wayne Hancock Live at Pickathon - Pendarvis Farm - Galaxy Barn Stage

Wayne Hancock Live at Pickathon - Pendarvis Farm - Galaxy Barn Stage on 2008-08-03

Wayne Hancock
Pickathon Roots Music Festival
Pendarvis Farm
Galaxy Barn Stage
Happy Valley, Oregon

RECORDIST: Stan Orlowski (stano59AThotmailDOTcom)
#1 MBHO603/KA200n ~>Grace Design Lunatec V3~>Sound Devices 744t.
#2 Soundboard~>Sound Devices 744t.
MICROPHONE LOCATION: hung in front of band on stage, DFC, 6 feet high approx, aimed downwards
RECORDED FORMAT: 24 bit, 48 kHz
CONVERSION: Sound Devices 744t~>firewire~>DVD.
EDITING: Samplitude 7.02 (sources mixed to stereo. Approx. 60% mics, 40% board, normalization applied)
DOWNSAMPLE: Soundforge 6.0 (downsampled with anti alias filter and interpolation accuracy on high)
DITHER: Soundforge 6.0 (dithered with IZotope Ozone 3 MBIT+ algorythym plugin with ultra noise shaping and normal dither)
FINAL FORMAT: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
TRACKING: CDwave 1.93.3
COMPRESSION: Traders Little Helper 2.0.1 flac (level 6)
SBE VERIFICATION: Traders Little Helper 2.0.1

Please do not buy/sell this recording or trade in lossy formats. Thanks.

total time: [81:02]
01 Intro, [0:41]
02 Drive On, [5:24]
03 Louisiana Blues, [7:08]
04 Viper, [3:30]
05 Hoy Hoy Hoy, [4:49]
06 Juke Joint Jumping, [4:08]
07 Thunderstorms And Neon Signs, [5:32]
08 Johnny Law, [6:29]
09 Rootie Tootie, [3:15]
10 California Blues, [6:47]
11 Tulsa, [4:58]
12 Blue Hawaiian Moonlight, [4:44]
13 Draggin' Me Down, [6:15]
14 Blue Suede Shoes, [5:57]
15 87 Southbound, [3:56]
16 Wine SpodieOdie, [7:29]

Comments: The board feed has some distortion here and there due to a monitor onstage. I tried to fix it as best I could.

Wayne Hancock: guitar and vocals
Tony Locke: steel guitar
Izzy Zaidman: guitar
Huck Johnson: bass

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